Champagne Hervé BRISSON has been a family estate since 1952. It covers 3.35 hectares, of which 3.05 hectares are planted with Chardonnay and 0.30 hectares with Meunier, in chalk soil in the Petit Morin valley.

In 2001, Hervé made his first harvest on the family estate. Twelve years later, he bought his own press and produced his first pressed juices on the estate.

In 2016, the winery began its organic conversion.

2022, the first organic vintages go on sale.

Hervé favours methods based on living organisms, whether through the study of the soil, plants or insects, by planting plant species that decompact the soil and hedges to help birds hide and feed.

The estate is equipped with a 2000kg wine press.

The grapes are harvested in small 20 kg crates, to ensure optimum quality.

This respect for nature and patience is reflected in the cellars, where the wines are matured for over 10 months, both in oak barrels and in jars.

Vinification in French oak barrels and stoneware jars, without filtering or fining, helps to preserve the aromas.